In compliance to the Private Education Act, DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore has formed the Academic and the Examination Boards to uphold academic excellence and integrity.


Prasanna Ghali
Chief Technology Officer - Asia
Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs
M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Oklahoma  

Samir Abou Samra
Chief Technology Officer
Program Director - Computer Science
M.S. in Computer Science, Lebanese American University  

Raymond Yan
Senior Vice President
Diploma in 3D Computer Animation, DigiPen
Applied Computer Graphics School  

The Academic Board members are responsible for developing policies and procedures to ensure the academic quality and rigor such as:

  • Ensuring that the content and duration of the modules or subjects, as well as the entry and graduation requirements, of the courses are appropriate, and;
  • Approving the deployment of instructors based on the requirements stipulated by the Washington State Achievement Council, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and the Singapore Council of Private Education;
  • Facilitating the implementation and compliance with the policies and procedures developed; and
  • Reviewing, at least once a year, the academic policies and procedures.


Dr. Xin Li
Dean of Faculty
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Central Florida  

Dr. Edward Sim Joon
Department Chair - Computer Science
Ph.D. in Computer Science, National University of Singapore  

Elie Hosry
Principal Lecturer Computer Science
Director Academic Support Center
Bachelor and Maitrise of Computer Science, Lebanese University, Beirut.  

Members of the Examination Board are responsible for the development of examination and assessment procedures, such as to develop and facilitate the implementation of procedures to:

  • Ensure the security of examination scripts and answer scripts;
  • Ensure the proper conduct of examinations and assessments;
  • Define and ensure the proper discharge of duties and responsibilities of invigilators and graders;
  • Conduct moderation of examination and assessment marks; and
  • Handle appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters.