On Campus Facilities

DigiPen (Singapore) campus is located at Singapore Polytechnic.  SIT@SP Building will house DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, Technical University of Munich (TUM) and University of Glasgow (UOG).  This is the largest SIT campus building with a total gross floor area of just over 20,000 square metres. Features include industry-standard classrooms, studio facilities, along with acting and animation studios for game development.

Text and images courtesy of Singapore Institute of Technology

Campus Facilities At-A-Glance

DigiPen (Singapore) encompasses over 2,960 square meters with a library, dedicated computer labs for students, and classrooms for lectures and instruction. The classrooms vary in size from lecture halls accommodating up to 80 students to small classrooms accommodating 60 students. The labs also vary in size from those accommodating 150 students to smaller ones seating 50 students.

The computer workstations provided at DigiPen (Singapore) are selected to meet or exceed the hardware specifications for required educational software. These computers are equipped with industry software for 2D and 3D animation production and development tools for game engine creation. All computers are on an internal network and have access to printers, servers, and archival media. The Institute upgrades the computer equipment on a periodic basis.

Library Services

DigiPen (Singapore)’s library aims to support the Institute’s curriculum, students, and faculty. Students have access to a variety of resources and reference books relevant to their program of study. The library also subscribes to a selection of major journals and magazines related to the fields of gaming, simulation, and animation. Furthermore, the library allocates an annual budget for updating the contents of the library. In addition to curriculum-related resources, the library has a collection of career-oriented materials, including books on resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

Internet Access

Internet access is a regulated service and is provided for students free of charge. Students may lose this privilege if they do not abide by the Network and Internet Usage Policy.

List of Classrooms:
Room Type
Name of Room Room No. Approx. Sqm Capacity
2D Animation Lab Da VinciSR 2A 82.80 25 pax
Michaelangelo SR 2B 85.10 10 pax
Lecture Room Avery SR 4D 99.10 60 pax
NewtonSR 4C 96.70 60 pax
Plato SR 3D 125.50 80 pax
Edison SR 2E 125.60 80 pax
Van Gogh SR 4E 97.80 60 pax
Lecture Hall 181 pax
Recording Studio Bach SR 3K 46.30 10 pax
Drawing Studio Picasso SR 3G 105.90 25 pax
Rembrandt SR 3H 104.80 25 pax
Acting Room Shakespeare SR 3F 131.70 40 pax
CG/PRJ/FLM Lab Dali SR 3A 128.80 42 pax
Pixi SR 2C 125.10 52 pax
McCay SR 3B 124.70 16 pax
GAM Lab Tesla SR 2F 172.10 74 pax
Einstein SR 3J 120.10 50 pax
Bontago SR 2H 121.10 20 pax
Open Lab Pascal SR 3E 329.04 125 pax

Campus Address:

510 Dover Road, #03-01
SIT@SP Building
Singapore 139660