• Claude COMAIR, President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Jason CHU, Chief Operating Officer, International
  • John BAUER, Chief Financial Officer
  • Michele COMAIR, Co-Founder and Senior Executive Vice President
  • Raymond YAN, Senior Vice President
  • Samir ABOU SAMRA, Chief Technology Officer, International
  • Prasanna GHALI, Executive Vice President of Asia-Pacific
  • Xin LI, Dean of Faculty and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Meighan MCKELVEY, Senior Vice President of Administration
  • Melvin GONSALVEZ, Senior Vice President of Facilities Management
  • Angela KUGLER, Senior Vice President
  • Ben ELLINGER, Vice President of Software Production
  • Johnny DEEK, Vice President of Information Technology and Computer Systems

Faculty - Undergraduate Programs

Computer Science

  • Prasanna GHALI, Chief Technology Officer, Asia; Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Joon Edward SIM, Department Chair; Associate Professor
  • Elie HOSRY, Principal Lecturer
  • Vadim SUROV, Associate Professor
  • Prabhu NATARAJAN, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. ZHENG Shou Kang William, Assistant Professor

Fine Arts & Animation

  • Calvin TAN, Department Chair; Senior Lecturer
  • Dilip Kumar CHAUBEY, Principal Lecturer
  • Dominic CHANG Yeat Cheng, Senior Lecturer
  • KEH Choon Wee, Lecturer
  • Don LOW, Adjunct Lecturer

Digital Arts

  • Marc TAN Chin Chuan, Department Chair, Digital Arts; Lecturer
  • Noraset RERKKACHORNKIAT, Lecturer
  • TANG Sin Yun, Sandara, Senior Lecturer
  • TAN Yong Zhen, Production Associate
  • Lawrence PAK, Lecturer

Game Software Design and Production

  • Cristian ASTUDILLO, Lecturer
  • Rahul NATH, Lecturer
  • Tomas ARCE-GIL, Lecturer
  • Michael David THOMPSON, Lecturer
  • John Preston DORAN, Lecturer

General Education

  • Dr. Michael JAHN, Department Chair; Professor (Mathematics)
  • Dr. Michael Daniel SAMSON, Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
  • Dr. CHEONG Kang Hao, Adjunct Lecturer
  • NG Wei Heok, Adjunct Lecturer

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Dr. TANG Liang, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Noori KIM, Assistant Professor
  • GAN Lian Chai, Development Manager

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Shanthina RAVINDRAN, Department Chair
  • Norasnidah ABDULLAH, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Kirby CHUA, Adjunct Lecturer
  • LEE Hwee Hoon, Adjunct Lecturer
  • LEO Joseph, Adjunct Lecturer
  • LOY Wei Peng, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Andy Logam TAN, Adjunct Lecturer

Academic Support

  • Elie HOSRY, Director
  • TAN Yong Zhen, Production Associate (Art)

Learning Resource Center

  • Mira TANTRI, Librarian

Music and Sound

  • Vuk KRAKOVIC, Director

Administrative Departments

TAN Chek Ming, Managing Director

Accounting & HR

  • Michelle CHAN Mui Ee, Controller
  • Carrin KOH Kai Ning, Officer | Accounting
  • Siti Aisyah Binte MOHAMED AMIN, Admin Coordinator | Front Desk


  • Caroline TAN Hui Hui, Senior Manager
  • OON Chia Yin, Officer
  • Shahrir Bin SALIM, Officer
  • Joshua NG Jun Xian, Officer

Brand, Creative & Publishing

  • Sharanjeet KAUR, Assistant Manager

Business Development

  • Angela TAY Puay Kiang, Manager
  • Jessica CHIEH Chung, Senior Officer
  • Amanda LIM, Communications Officer

Career & Alumni Services

  • Angela TAY Puay Kiang, Manager
  • Jocelyne LI Jia'En, Officer

Compliance & Registrar

  • Kenny TAN Zhi Wei, Registrar
  • Zomela Cababan GONZALES, Officer | Course Planning & Information Systems
  • Murni Syahida SALLEH, Officer | Student Progress

Continuing Education and Industry Support

  • Caroline TAN Hui Hui, Senior Manager
  • Deeksha CHATURVEDI, Officer
  • CHAN Li En, Artist


  • Kenny TAN Zhi Wei, Manager
  • Murni Syahida SALLEH, Officer

Information Technology

  • Saiful SULAIMI, Senior Officer, Support Systems Administrator
  • Leilani Parinas REQUIZ, Support Systems Administrator

Student Life & Advising

  • Kenny TAN Zhi Wei, Manager
  • LYE Kim Wong, Senior Officer
  • GOH Xiao Shi, Senior Officer