General Admission Requirements

Under the partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), all applications to DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore will first be routed through SIT’s application portal and then processed by DigiPen (Singapore). Read more about the application process.

Application Materials

All applicants to degree programs at DigiPen (Singapore) must submit the following materials, where applicable in order to be considered for admission:

Applicants are also required to submit additional program-specific information as indicated below:

  • Art portfolio (Required for all applicants to the BFA in Digital Art and Animation program)
  • BAGD portfolio (Required for all applicants to the BA in Game Design program)
  • Math and science requirements (Required for all Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering applicants)
  • SAT1 (Recommended for Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering applicants)

Final acceptance to DigiPen (Singapore) will be based on an evaluation of the above criteria to determine if the applicant had achieved a level of knowledge and skill. 

Please note: admission to programs at DigiPen (Singapore) is competitive; applicants who exceed the minimum requirements are more likely to be accepted to a program.

Educational Records

Required for: All applicants

Description: Original documents or certified-true copies of the applicant’s academic history must be provided. All Polytechnic Diplomas are eligible for admission.  Additionally, applicants with other recognized high school qualifications such as the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level, International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma), American High School and NUS High School Diploma are welcome. Please refer the SIT admissions requirements for details.

Personal Statement

Required for: All applicants

The personal statement is an important part of the application for admission to DigiPen (Singapore). What you write will help us find out information about you that is not apparent from your application or transcripts.

This section is required for ALL undergraduate applicants regardless of the program to which they are applying.

Essay Topic
Obtaining a degree from DigiPen (Singapore) will prepare you to be a software engineer/programmer (BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation), technical designer (BS in Computer Science and Game Design), game designer (BA in Game Design), or digital artist (BFA in Digital Art and Animation). Write an essay that describes an exceptional achievement that highlights your academic and employment experience gained.  How would these support your choice of program(s) and help you attain your goal(s) in life?  What are your plan(s) upon graduation? Spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, along with the correct use of punctuation, capitalization, quotation marks, etc. are all considered, so proofread your essay carefully. (Max 300 words)

Optional Essay
Applicants should use this optional essay to explain any unusual circumstances or situations that you think may have an impact on their application.

Applicants must submit their personal statement via SIT's online application portal. Answers must be drafted and prepared before beginning the online application.

Letters of Recommendation

Optional for: All applicants (to be uploaded on SIT application portal)

Description: Applicants to all programs are strongly encouraged to send at least two testimonials.  The letters of recommendation should be completed by a person who can discuss your academic or creative strengths. Examples of appropriate people to write the letter are professors at polytechnic or a boss or supervisor from a job, or a volunteer project where your duties included something of a creative nature.

Math & Science Requirements

Required for: Applicants to the BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and BS in Computer Science and Game Design; and BEng (Hons) in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems). 

In addition to the requirements listed for all undergraduate applicants, those applying to any of the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering programs must submit the applicable documents showing that they fulfill the Math and Science requirements.

Applicants must meet one of the following significant requirements:

  • Polytechnic Diploma graduate with a recommended Grade “B” or better in Math courses in their respective Diploma programs and GCE ‘O’ Level in Mathematics or Science
  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level (H2 pass in Mathematics or Physics or Computing; or a pass in H1 Mathematics)
  • NUS High School Diploma
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • International Diploma

Official Scores for SAT I

Required for: International applicants to the BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, BS in Computer Science and Game Design, or BEng (Hons) in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems) programs

Description: If applicable, the student must submit official SAT 1 scores. SAT scores must be sent directly to DigiPen (Singapore) by the issuing organization. The SAT is administered by College Board and must be taken in person, at a specified location and time. The SAT is offered at several venues in Singapore and in countries throughout the world. For more information about the SAT, including registration, upcoming test dates and locations, and sample test questions, please visit

Score reporting:

Proof of Proficiency in the English Language

Required for: Applicants who are non-native English speakers

Description: Non-native English speakers must provide proof of proficiency in the English language through one of the following ways:

  • A minimum Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 550 (paper exam), 213 (computer exam), or 80 (iBT — Internet-based Test). TOEFL code: 1493.
  • A minimum International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.5 or higher (
  • A minimum Cambridge English: Advanced (also known as a Certificate in Advanced English or CAE) score of C1 or higher.
  • Completion of four years of high school or secondary school education at an English-speaking school, or at an International School where the primary language of instruction is English.
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree at an English-speaking institution.

TOEFL code: 1493
TOEFL score reporting and exam information:

BFA Art Portfolio

Required for: BFA in Digital Art and Animation applicants

Description: DigiPen (Singapore) reviews applicants’ portfolios to ensure that students have the appropriate foundational skills to succeed in the degree programs to which they are applying. Applicants to the BFA in Digital Art and Animation degree are required to submit an art portfolio that showcases the applicant's best and most recent work. This portfolio must contain between 10–15 samples of artwork created by the applicant. If necessary, DigiPen (Singapore) may request more samples for review.

The portfolio should include: Prescribed Drawings from Direct Observation – Using graphite pencil or charcoal and on quality art paper, the applicant should draw the following four Prescribed Drawings from real life (not from images or photographs):

  1. Pair of shoes
  2. Same pair of shoes as above but from a different perspective (e.g. shoes drawn from the back) or a different orientation (e.g. shoes turned upside down)
  3. Interior space, such as a kitchen or bedroom
  4. Self-portrait

On the corner of the page for each of these drawings, please write the date created and length of time spent on the drawing.

The primary objective of these four Prescribed Drawings is for the applicant to demonstrate foundational drawing skills. The applicant should focus on drawing realistically and accurately, and should NOT apply any artistic style (e.g. cartooning) to these four Prescribed Drawings.

Miscellaneous Art Samples: The remaining 6–11 pieces should demonstrate an applicant's current range, skill, and process. These personal works may include animations, figure/animal studies, color studies, original character designs, architectural renderings, landscape studies, sculptures, and paintings. The submitted work should not contain illustrations copied directly from manga, anime, animations, paintings, or photographs (cited master copies are acceptable).

Guidelines for All Art Portfolio Submissions:

  1. Applicants are required to present their portfolios during the interview and to submit the same portfolio in a CD-Rom to the DigiPen (Singapore) Admissions Office. Applicants should label their CD-Rom clearly with their name on the front.
  2. Label all artwork with the date of completion and the medium used. Indicate clearly which drawings are the four Prescribed Drawings from Direct Observation. Please note that DigiPen (Singapore) prefers that the artwork submitted be less than two years old.
  3. Images should be in focus and properly oriented for the subject.

BAGD Portfolio

Required for: BA in Game Design applicants.

Description: Applicants to the BA in Game Design program are required to submit a portfolio that displays previously created works and the process used to create them. This work may be in any medium or platform and is not limited to games. Sample work might include artwork, board or video game content, costuming, musical performance, poetry or prose, or other created works.

The portfolio should detail three projects, each including:

  1. For each work please include a written essay including:
    • One paragraph describing the work.
    • One paragraph describing the student’s role in creating the work. (Class work is permitted. Team projects are permitted as long as sufficient detail on the student’s role is provided.)
    • One or more paragraphs describing the student’s process for making the work. This should include the reasons behind design choices.
  2. Up to three additional digital files, per work, which may include the work itself or other media representative of the work. Documents, images, and audio files are all appropriate. Web links and executable files will not be accepted.

Please note that the portfolio will be reviewed and scored based solely on the documentation about the work and process, not on the quality of the work itself or any external content.

Students are encouraged to display a diverse portfolio showing their process across a variety of different media.

Guidelines for BA in Game Design Portfolio Submissions:

  1. Each shortlisted applicant is required to present and submit the portfolio during the admission interview. The submitted portfolio should be in a CD-ROM that is clearly labeled with the applicant's name and application ID. Printed copies of the written essays are to be submitted together with the CD-ROM as well.
  2. Each of the three detailed works should be placed into separate folders in the CD-ROM, each containing the required work itself, the written essay, and up to three relevant supplementary materials pertaining to the particular work. Tag all works with the date of completion.

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