Application Process

Since its establishment, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and its overseas university partners, including DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, have equipped graduates with knowledge and skills for the industry.

Under this partnership, all applications to DigiPen (Singapore)'s degree programs will first be routed through SIT's central database and then processed by DigiPen (Singapore).

Application for Fall 2018 is now closed for all degree programs.

Application Process

Step 1: Apply online via SIT

The online application includes submission of educational records, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and information about professional experience and extra-curricular interests. Applicants will undergo a holistic assessment based on those criteria

Step 2: Interview
Qualified candidates will then be assessed through interviews. Candidates are required to submit any additional materials to DigiPen (Singapore) during the interview.

Step 3: Evaluation
Evaluation and processing will take approximately 24 weeks' time. SIT will inform all applicants of the outcome of their application.

Applicants to DigiPen (Singapore)'s degree programs are also required to fulfill additional program-specific requirement.

Interested individuals can acquire additional information regarding the application process and apply through the SIT website.