BFA Art Portfolio

Required for: BFA in Digital Art & Animation applicants

Description: DigiPen (Singapore) reviews applicants’ portfolios to ensure that students have the appropriate foundational skills to succeed in the degree programs to which they are applying. Applicants to the B.F.A. in Digital Art and Animation degree are required to submit an art portfolio that showcases the applicant's best and most recent work. This portfolio must contain between 10 – 15 samples of artwork created by the applicant. If necessary, DigiPen (Singapore) may request more samples for review.

The portfolio should include: Prescribed Drawings from Direct Observation: Using graphite pencil or charcoal and on quality art paper, the applicant should draw the following four Prescribed Drawings from real life (not from images or photographs):

  1. Pair of shoes
  2. Same pair of shoes as above but from a different perspective (e.g. shoes drawn from the back) or a different orientation (e.g. shoes turned upside down)
  3. Interior space, such as a kitchen or bedroom
  4. Self-portrait

On the corner of the page for each of these drawings, please write the date created and length of time spent on the drawing.

The primary objective of these four Prescribed Drawings is for the applicant to demonstrate foundational drawing skills. The applicant should focus on drawing realistically and accurately, and should NOT apply any artistic style (e.g. cartooning) to these four Prescribed Drawings.

Miscellaneous Art Samples: The remaining 6 – 11 pieces should demonstrate an applicant's current range, skill, and process. These personal works may include animations, figure/animal studies, color studies, original character designs, architectural renderings, landscape studies, sculptures, and paintings. The submitted work should not contain illustrations copied directly from manga, anime, animations, paintings, or photographs (cited master copies are acceptable).

Guidelines for All Art Portfolio Submissions

  1. Applicants are required to present their portfolios during the interview and to submit the same portfolio in a CD-Rom to the DigiPen (Singapore) Admissions Office. Applicants should label their CD-Rom clearly with their name on the front.
  2. Label all artwork with the date of completion and the medium used. Indicate clearly which drawings are the four Prescribed Drawings from Direct Observation. Please note that DigiPen (Singapore) prefers that the artwork submitted be less than two years old.
  3. Images should be in focus and properly oriented for the subject.