Credits earned by examination at other colleges or universities in the last 10 years may be transferred, provided such credits meet the guidelines used by the Institute. The Registrar will evaluate college credits earned elsewhere with respect to graduation requirements at the Institute. Developmental classes, orientation classes, or classes in which students receive a "Pass" are not eligible for transfer credits. Courses transferred or waived are included in transcripts, but no grades or quality points are awarded.

Transfer credits may be accepted, subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

  1. The course(s) offered for transfer must be taken at a bona fide, legitimate institution recognized and approved by a regulatory authority which oversees the educational system in the country where the institution is located. These courses must appear on official transcripts from the institution. The final decision regarding the transferability of credits rests with the Institute.
  2. The course(s) must be comparable in academic quality to the Institute’s courses; proposed transfer credits will be denied for courses that do not meet this standard. Accordingly, current students are strongly urged to seek transfer approval from their respective advisors and the Registrar using the appropriate form before enrolling in any courses that might require such approval.
  3. Transfer credits will be considered for courses in which the grade of "B -" (2.7 quality points) or better is recorded.
  4. Course(s) transferred to a student's major may also require a validation examination in order to be accepted.
  5. "Credit" or "Pass" grades will not be accepted for transfer.

If a course is accepted for credit, it will be counted as a transfer credit. No grade points from such transferred courses will be calculated in the Institute’s grade point average. However, grades transferred for courses taken in residence at institutions with which the Institute has an articulation agreement, are exempt from the policy and will be recorded. Credit hours from another institution that are accepted towards the student's educational program must count as both attempted and completed hours. Courses transferred in may not be used to substitute improved grades for passing grades earned at the Institute.

Transfer Credits for Diploma Graduates from Local Polytechnics

DigiPen and SIT entered into collaboration in March 2010 to offer an admission pathway for graduates with related diplomas from the five local polytechnics, namely:

  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Republic Polytechnic
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Temasek Polytechnic

Students should refer to the SIT website at for information on relevant diplomas.

Under this collaboration, students may transfer certain credits for courses that they have successfully completed at their respective polytechnics.

The Institute will inform these students of their respective course sequences after taking into consideration the approved transfer credits. Students will also be notified of any other necessary bridging courses and/or additional electives that they need to complete in order to meet the requirements to graduate with a degree from the Institute.

Any queries regarding course sequences for polytechnic graduates under the SIT collaboration should be directed to

Program Attendees Which Modules Transfer Credit Requirement Process
DigiPen Foundation Course Poly students attending one semester at DigiPen BSCS RTIS/
BAGD BFA - Allowing students to transfer credits for modules they have scored a “B-” and above.
- They do not need to retake the modules for “B-” and above.
- The letter score will not appear on the transcripts.
- Will not affect the GPA in DigiPen.
1. Upon matriculation, student would need to apply for credits transfer.
2. Student would need to submit transcript from DFC/NUSH Honors Track/Poly Diploma Plus.
3. Registrar's Office would evaluate. Only modules that have scored B- and above will be qualify to transfer.
4. Student will make credit transfer fees payment.
(Per credit – S$42.80, 3 credits – S$128.40)
CS100 CS116 ART101
MAT100 MAT100 ART125
COL101 COL101 ANI101
GAM100 GAM100 PRJ199
NUSH Honors Track NUSH students taking modules at DigiPen (NUSH student pays $540 per module) CS170
Polytechnic Diploma Plus Poly students took Diploma Plus modules during Polytechnics NP – Certificate of Advanced Engineering Mathematics (CAEM) MAT150 - Allowing students to transfer credits for modules they have scored a “B+” and above.
- They do not need to retake the modules for “B+” and above.
- The letter score will not appear on the transcripts.
- Will not affect the GPA in DigiPen.
NYP – Analytical Geometry, Applied Calculus, Advanced Calculus MAT150
SP – Higher Mathematics Modules MAT150
TP – University Preparatory Program – Math MAT150