Career Services aims to connect students and graduates with the industry. The office regularly reaches out to employers to assess how DigiPen (Singapore) students are performing in the workforce and is constantly working to expand the employer base.

The office provides a range of services, such as Company Talks, internship and full-time job facilitation, and on-campus interviews for companies looking to hire from DigiPen (Singapore). The office also provides guidance to students on resume writing and interview techniques, as well as career counseling services. Additionally, the office organizes events such as the annual Career Fair for graduating students to showcase their work to industry employers.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please call (65) 6577 1900 or email[at]digipen[dot]edu

Company Talks

DigiPen (Singapore) regularly schedules on-campus visits by some of the industry’s top companies, giving students the opportunity to meet with recruiters, learn more about the hiring process, and even participate in on-campus interviews. These events are open to DigiPen (Singapore) students only.

Past visitors include representatives from companies like Autodesk, Continental Automotive, Koei Tecmo, ST Electronics, Ubisoft Singapore, and many others.

Career Fair

Every year, graduating DigiPen (Singapore) seniors will show off their projects to industry recruiters. Instead of a traditional career fair where the companies have booths, our students set up booths and display their projects, reels, and portfolios to recruiters, hiring managers, and industry experts.

Career Guidance

DigiPen (Singapore) students have access to resume and cover letter reviews, practice interviewing sessions, soft skill development, as well as general career counselling sessions. Students of all stages are welcome to meet with a member of the Career & Alumni Services team. Please email Career Services to set up an appointment.

Industry Testimonials

Mr. Lo Kien Foh,
Managing Director, Continental Automotive Singapore

"As a leading global player in developing innovative solutions for the car of tomorrow, Continental seeks to expand its automotive capabilities and challenge the limits. We are looking for technically competent and dynamic engineers with a thirst for creativity and a passion for automotive and ITS technology. We believe DigiPen, through its highly academic world-class programs, has groomed its students to meet the challenges in our field."

Mr. Raymond Wong
Senior Vice President, Koei Tecmo Singapore

“DigiPen has exposed students to an environment that is as close to working in the industry, equipping them with skills to deal with those challenges. As a result, when they enter our company, they adapt quickly and can contribute rapidly to projects. We are proud to see their careers grow fast in our company, and we have even sent a few of them to our headquarters in Japan for training.”

Mr. Olivier de Rotalier
Managing Director, Ubisoft Singapore

“DigiPen is one of Singapore’s premier institutions in digital interactive media and is the go-to place to prepare oneself for an outstanding career in the video-game industry. Its rigorous and all-rounded curriculum is finely tailored to the industry’s demands, offering ample opportunities for students to network and acquire valuable hands-on experience through internships with industry leaders. As DigiPen’s strategic partner of many years, Ubisoft constantly looks to DigiPen for top talent to contribute to our high-quality titles and make a mark in the development of our best IPs."