Degree Requirements

Number of Credits & GPA

The BFA. in Digital Art and Animation requires completion of at least 145 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. Courses are either mandatory or elective and must in either case be passed with a final grade of C- or better (2.0 GPA). The program usually spans eight semesters of 15 weeks each, or four academic years.

Grade Requirement & Core Courses

Certain non-elective courses which are part of the DigiPen BFA in Digital Art and Animation course sequence are survey or introductory courses intended to widen the student’s understanding and educational experience but are additional to, not central to the degree. These courses (SOS 115, PHY 115, CS 115, and LAW 115) are all 100 level courses which are not taught during the first year of the degree program. As such they are considered to be non-core classes and the grading protocols for non-core courses apply (i.e., credit is given if the class is passed with a grade of “D” or better). All other courses, required or elective, are core courses and students must receive a grade of “C-” or higher to pass.

Animation Requirements

The following animation courses are required: ANI 101, ANI 125, and ANI 151. (Total: 9 credits).

Art Requirements

The following art courses are required: ART 101, ART 110, ART 115, ART 125, ART 151, ART 201, ART 251, ART 300, ART 350, ART 401, and ART 450. (Total: 34 credits)

Computer Graphics Requirements

The following computer graphics courses are required: CG 201, CG 225, CG 275, and CG 300. (Total: 12 credits)

Elective Requirements

Students must take a minimum of 24 credits from any DigiPen courses excluding the following: ART 102, ART 126, ART 210, ART 400, CG 102, CG 125, CG 130, CG 135. (Total: 24 credits)

Film Requirements

The following film courses are required: FLM 115, FLM 151, and either FLM 201 or FLM 210. (Total: 9 credits)

Humanities and Social Science Requirements

The following courses are required: COL 499, LAW 115, SOS 115, ENG 116, and ENG 315. (Total: 15 credits)

Projects Requirements

The following projects courses are required: PRJ 201, PRJ 251, PRJ 300, PRJ 350, PRJ 400, and PRJ 450. Please note that INT 390 and INT 450, internship courses, may be taken in place of PRJ 400 and PRJ 450. (Total: 30 credits)

Science Requirements

The following courses are required: CS 115, PHY 115, BIO 150, BIO 200. (Total: 12 credits)

Note on General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy the general education requirement for the BFA in Digital Art and Animation: ART 110 (3), ART 115 (4), (3), ENG 116 (4), ENG 315 (4), FLM 115 (3), LAW 115 (3), SOS 115 (3), CS 115 (3), and PHY 115 (3).

Animation Gallery

New animations created by students in DigiPen's BFA program:

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