The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design combines coursework in computer science, including writing computer programs in core languages such as C and C++, with a solid grounding in the humanities, social sciences, and fundamentals of art. This program exposes students to a variety of tools and processes used by professional designers, including proprietary scripting languages, level and map editors, databases, and design documents. Students in the BS. in Computer Science and Game Design program design, prototype, and iterate their projects in a collaborative, deadline-driven environment, helping them develop the communication and team skills necessary to succeed in a real-world studio setting.

Admissions Info

Students applying to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design program must be skilled writers, passionate designers, and analytical thinkers, and have a strong foundation in math and science. The ideal candidate will have completed math through pre-calculus prior to attending DigiPen (Singapore). Courses in English composition, computer science, and physics are recommended. Read more about applying to the BS. in Computer Science and Game Design program.

Topics Covered

Students in this program will concentrate on the following subjects:

  • Core academic courses such as mathematics, physics, computer science (including C, C++, and scripting languages), and the fundamentals of drawing.
  • Game design and development, including game design theory and history, artificial intelligence for games, graphics and animation for designers, game mechanics, and game implementation techniques.
  • Humanities and business courses like world history, English composition, psychology, and product management.

Career Outlook

Graduates of this program will be prepared to seek employment in the video game industry in a variety of entry- and intermediate-level roles, including:

  • Game Designer
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Level Scripter
  • Level Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Tools Programmer

BSCS GD Program Details