Integrated & Applied Academic Curriculum

While each different degree program offered at DigiPen (Singapore) is specifically designed to prepare students for a particular professional role, all have several key characteristics in common.

Coursework in fundamental core subjects areas:

  • Emphasis on developing foundational skills and knowledge, rather than on any particular software packages or tools
  • Coursework is integrated and cumulative
  • General education and elective courses are relevant and applicable. For example, undergraduate students may choose to take "Storytelling for Game Design" or "Journey of the Hero" to fulfill one of their English requirements

Project-based learning system:

  • All students take a game or projects class every semester where they apply the information and skills developed in other classes
  • Subject-specific classes also incorporate individual and team-based projects, so that students are continuously learning both the theory and how it is applied
  • Projects and games can be used as a portfolio for showing potential employers
  • Many of the projects require students to work collaboratively

Knowledgeable and dedicated faculty:

  • From a broad range of professional & educational backgrounds with experience in academia, game and animation industries, various fields of electrical and computer engineering, and the fine arts
  • Provide mentorship and guidance by serving as academic advisors to DigiPen (Singapore) students; also small classes mean that faculty have the opportunity to provide individual attention to students
  • Passionate about subjects they teach and about how they relate to the larger scope of DigiPen (Singapore)'s degree programs.
  • Maintain strong connections with the industry and seek out opportunities for students to get involved (conferences, seminars, and other events)

Industry involvement:

  • Degree programs are evaluated on an annual basis to ensure rigor and relevance to the industry by a curriculum advisory committee comprised of industry professionals and faculty
  • Classes and coursework are supplemented by guest lectures given by various members of interactive media industries
  • Students have the opportunity to earn credit toward degree completion or to augment their studies by interning at a game company, animation studio, or other relevant business