A Joint Degree Program by SIT and DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

The Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Systems Engineering (ElectroMechanical Systems) or SEEMS is a multi-disciplinary degree program that brings together the fields of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering with a holistic approach to system development. SEEMS looks at the design, analysis, development, and life-cycle management of complex interconnected systems with a broad range of applications. Its methodologies address real-world complexities, such as uncertainty, constraints, multiple objectives, and interactions among various parts or subsystems that constitute the whole.

Graduates of this program are trained to understand the larger context of hardware and software engineering, solving complex problems through an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach. A trained SEEMS engineer uses sophisticated methods to develop and effectively manage engineered systems within today's complex and interconnected world.


The SEEMS program builds on a theoretical foundation of math, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and systems engineering. Through trimester-long project modules, students must work in teams to design, develop, integrate, test, and present unique systems under the guidance of both academic and industrial experts. The blend of creativity and technical knowledge gained while completing projects gives students the versatility to adapt to an evolving technological environment.

The Integrated Work Study Program (IWSP) provides students with the opportunity to apply their studies in a professional industry environment  giving them a deeper understanding of the complex inner workings of a company.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in systems engineering are driven by increasing globalization and technological advancements. As Singapore and the world continue to develop more interconnected devices and systems, the need for engineers with both component- and system-level knowledge will increase dramatically.

SEEMS graduates will be uniquely prepared to address these increasingly complex system design tasks. Potential entry-level position titles for new SEEMS graduates include: Systems Engineer, Design Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Project Engineer, Software Engineer, Software Analyst, Embedded Systems Engineer, and ElectroMechanical Engineer. Graduates of this degree program have the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers within various industries, such as transport, marine, defense, and precision engineering.

Program Eligibility

Diploma-holders from any of the five local polytechnics and A-level graduates are welcome to apply. Applicants may be granted exemptions from individual modules on a case-by-case basis, depending on the content of previous modules completed and grades earned.

Study Trip - Overseas Immersion Program (OIP)

The Overseas Immersion Program (OIP) is mandatory for SEEMS students. Students will study for one trimester at DigiPen Institute of Technology's U.S. campus, attending lectures, labs, and industry seminars. Students will interact with American professors and mentors while experiencing life in a different culture with their overseas peers.