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21 June 2011 to
20 June 2017


Starting in October 2009, a collaborative effort between DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, Ubisoft Singapore, and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), will provide future game developers with an opportunity to obtain specialized education taught by DigiPen at its Singapore campus. With tuition fees subsidized by the WDA, qualified students will be taught by DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore in three full-time Programs in Game Programming, Game Art (environment modeling or character animation), Game Design or Game Support, with Ubisoft Singapore guiding the students in the game production process. By blending the industry experience from Ubisoft with established academic excellence of DigiPen, this Campus training program aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and industry production experience that they need to join the competitive video game industry.

The total duration of the program is 44 weeks and is comprised of the following modules:

  • Module 1 (11 weeks) – Theory and Skills Training Phase
  • Module 2 (11 weeks) – Theory and Skills Training Phase
  • Module 3 (11 weeks) – Production Phase

Modules 1 and 2 will cover the theory and techniques involved within each of the respective program tracks (Game Programming, Game Art, Game Design, and Game Support). During Module 3, students from will be put into teams and tasked to apply their combined skills to build a game, similar to an actual game production environment. Ubisoft production personnel will work with DigiPen faculty to provide guidance to the students during this phase.

This specialized program is limited to 30 students per cohort to be divided across the programs as follows:

  • WSQ Diploma in Games Development (Game Programming): 10 students
  • WSQ Diploma in Animation – Environment Modeling: 6 students
  • WSQ Diploma in Animation – Character Modeling and Animation: 4 students
  • WSQ Diploma in Games Development (Game Design): 5 students
  • WSQ Diploma in Games Development (Game Support): 5 students

A Strong Partnership

“I am very optimistic on the continued success of this program partnership with DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, now moving into its 5th year. In Ubisoft, we are always looking to welcome new team members whose creativity, diversity and expertise can enrich our teams and projects. Through close working relationships, mentoring and a solid curriculum, the DigiPen®-Ubisoft® Campus Program has given us access to a talent pool to achieve that.”
Mr. Olivier de Rotalier, Managing Director, Ubisoft Singapore

Who should Join?

This program is for graduates from universities and polytechnics who have a computer science or art-related degree/diploma with an interest in getting additional training in order to pursue a career in the video game industry, or current working professionals interested in converting to the video game industry. Students in the program will take classes full-time at DigiPen’s Singapore campus and should expect to spend 50-60 hours per week in class and producing work.

Start Dates and Schedule

We are currently accepting applications for the next cohort.

See Admission Requirements to begin preparing your application materials. Enrollment closes one month before the commencement date.

We will continue to accept applications after this date until we have reached maximum enrollment for the program. The course is conducted on a ten month full-time basis.

For information regarding the next cohort, please contact the Admissions Office via email at cet.sg[at]digipen[dot]edu or by phone at +65 6577 1900.


Qualification Received for Completion of Program

Graduates of the program will receive a joint diploma qualification from DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the Creative Industries Workforce Skills Qualification (CI WSQ) framework. Please visit the WDA website for more information about this qualification.