When Does Registration Take Place?

Freshmen beginning in the Fall register in mid-July. The initial registration due date is August 1. After the initial registration due date has passed, you may still add classes into early September, if there is room available.

You may drop classes without financial penalty until mid-September. Classes dropped after this date will incur a financial penalty.

You can find exact dates and deadlines for the upcoming year on our Academic Calendar.

How Do I Register for Classes?

Before Beginning the Registration Process

Prior to registering, you should review the Recommended Course Sequence Chart for your specific degree program in the online course catalog. The Registrar's office has created preset schedules for each program (called "Easy Options") that follow the Recommended Course Sequences.

Using DigiPen's Student Record System (SRS)

All students register for classes using DigiPen's online Student Records System (SRS). All enrolled students will receive their SRS usernames and passwords by upon enrolling. Once you have received your user ID and password from the Registrar's office, you should take some time to look through the SRS User Guide for step-by-step instructions. 

Receiving Registration Confirmation

Requested registrations are processed by the Registrarís Office. Once processed, you will receive an email confirming the classes you have registered for. Please contact the Registrarís Office.

Additional Notes About Registration

Students who have registered for CS 120 lab should note the following: Labs are tied to the lecture given in the corresponding class.  That is, the CS 120-A Lab ties to the CS 120-A class, and the CS 120-B Lab ties to the CS 120-B class.  You must match your lab class to your lecture class.  If you have any queries, please contact the Registrarís Office.

Other FAQs

Why am I in section A when I requested section B?

Not all sections are created for the same number of students; that is, we may plan for one section of a class to accommodate 30 students, while another section may accommodate 40. These sections are weighted in ways to help ensure that all the classes offered within a recommended sequence of classes have a balanced numbers of students.

DigiPen charts maximum numbers for classes and tries to plan the schedules in such a way as to balance the classrooms. If youíve decided to create a customized schedule, it may tip the scheduling balance for other sections. Try to stick to the schedules suggested by DigiPen (i.e., the Easy Options) for the highest likelihood of getting into your first-choice sections.

How does billing work?

For tuition fee enquiries, please refer to the Financial Assistance section on SIT's website or contact SIT's Registrar's Office.

Who can I contact for assistance?

If you have any registration-related questions, contact the Registrarís Office (by email or phone at (65) 6577-1900). 

Disability support services are also available. Contact the Student Affairs (by email or phone at (65) 6577-1900) for more information about services offered at DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.