Transfer Credit

How Does Transfer Credit Work at DigiPen?

All students enter DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore at a first-year (freshman) standing and if transfer credits are awarded, they serve to lighten a student's course load on a semester-by-semester basis.

Most students decide to complete their courses in the order that they are listed in the Recommended Course Sequences, included in the Course Catalog. When students receive transfer credit for a particular class, they can choose to take a lighter course load during the semester that they would have taken that class or they can choose to take another class for which they are qualified, if available.

How Do I Request Transfer Credits?

To request transfer credits, students must submit a request for each course that they would like evaluated. Students should have the following information available when completing a transfer credit request:

  1. The course code and title
  2. The course description with a link to its website, if possible
  3. The grade earned in that course
  4. The school at which the course was taken
  5. Date taken

Enrolled students can complete the request through the online Student Record System (SRS) using the login and password provided.

What if I Have Been Accepted but Not Yet Enrolled?

Students who have been accepted but have not yet enrolled, will need to send an email with the information listed above (please also include the course number or code and a link to the course catalog for your previous school or a copy of the course description) to the Registrar's Office.

What Are DigiPen's Criteria for Evaluating Transfer Credits?

The Institute will accept credits earned at other colleges and universities within the last 10 years, provided that they meet the following guidelines:

  • The course(s) offered for transfer must be taken at a bona fide, legitimate institution recognized and approved by a regulatory authority which oversees the educational system in the country where the institution is located.
  • Transfer credit will be considered for courses in which the grade of B- or better is recorded.
  • Courses transferred to a student's major may also require a validation examination in order to be accepted.
  • Credit or Pass grades will not be accepted for transfer.


Who Can I Talk to about Requesting Transfer Credits?

For all registration and transfer credit questions, contact the Registrar's Office by  email or phone at (65) 6577-1900.