Are you interested in the game or digital media industry?

DigiPen (Singapore) offers three-day workshops called ProjectFUN Workshops for students who are interested in computer science, game design and development, and art and animation in a fun, hands-on learning environment.

ProjectFUN Workshops follow the same pedagogy as the bachelorís degree programs by turning theoretical knowledge into practice. Through classroom instruction and exploratory projects, instructors help students develop problem-solving skills and enhance their thinking process. Students discover the important roles of mathematics, physics, and art in the creation of popular media like games and animations, as well as how these academic topics are integrated and connected.

Students connect classroom concepts to real-world challenges as they develop the values of life-long learning and academic excellence.


DigiPen (Singapore) will offer the following ProjectFUN workshops for June 2017:

Video Game Programming (Level 1):

Explore some of the basic concepts programmers use to produce video games. You will create games while learning about programming languages, the game production process, and potential pathways into careers in game development. Along the way, you will examine the math and science concepts at the core of modern video games.

Video Game Programming (Level 2):

Take your game development skills to the next level! You will learn about advanced mechanics and tools using a game engine. You'll also learn about crucial computer science concepts that allow programmers to write functional and elegant code. By the end of the workshop you will apply this knowledge by coding a fully playable game.

Stop Motion Animation:

Learn how to bring your own stories to life through the art of stop-motion animation. Ideal for first-time animators, this course will center on concepts like storytelling and character creation. Equipped with these concepts and production techniques, students will work in small teams to produce a variety of short stop-motion animations.

Introduction to Digital Painting:

Learn about Adobe Photoshop and its basic interface. This workshop will be great for those who want to transit from traditional to digital art. You will learn about production workflow, photo editing, and image manipulation. This workshop also explores the various methods and techniques used in digital painting.

Creating Comics and Manga:

Do you aspire to be a comic artist?  Have an interesting story that you wish to express through a comic strip? Take your first step into the path of a comic illustrator through this workshop. Learn to craft out stories and design your own characters. Not only will you learn the basic fundamentals of comic drawing, you will also experience the process and techniques involved in making your own story ideas come alive on the page!


For more information or to register for these workshops, please email[at]digipen[dot]edu.