Is a career in the game or digital media industry right for you?

DigiPen Institute of Technology, recognized as a premier institution for those pursuing careers in game development, presents three-day workshops for students who are interested in video game programming and computer science.

Academically, these workshops help students develop problem-solving skills and enhance their thinking processes.  In addition, students discover the roles of mathematics, physics, art, and the importance of the integration of these academic topics in the fields of game design and software engineering.

Course Offerings

DigiPen (Singapore) offers the following ProjectFUN courses:

Intro to 2D Video Game Programming (Level 1):

Explore some of the basic concepts programmers use to produce video game software. You'll create four games while learning about programming languages, the game production process, and potential pathways into careers in game development. Along the way, you'll examine the math and science concepts at the core of modern video games.

Intro to 2D Video Game Programming (Level 2):

Take your game development skills to the next level! You'll go deeper into the C++ programming language by learning how to hand-code games using a variety of new techniques. Learn about advanced mechanics and tools using ProjectFUN Editor. You'll also learn about crucial computer science concepts that allow programmers to write functional, elegant code and apply this knowledge by coding four fully playable game snippets in C++. Topics covered will be about advanced rigid body physics, tile maps and grid systems, path finding AI and side scrolling runner games.

Stop Motion Animation: Storytelling & Character Creation:

Learn how to bring your own stories to life through the art of stop
motion animation. Ideal for first-time animators, student's work will
center around concepts like storytelling and character creation. After
learning these concepts and production techniques, students will work in
small teams to produce a variety of short stop motion animations.


For more information or to register for this workshop, please email[at]digipen[dot]edu.

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