For students who enjoyed programming games using the ProjectFUN Editor in Introduction to 2D Video Game Programming (Level 1), this workshop lets students take their game development skills to the next level. Intro to 2D Video Game Programming (Level 2) goes deeper into the C++ programming language using the same ProjectFUN Editor and teaches you how to hand-code games using a variety of new techniques. You will learn about crucial computer science concepts that allow programmers to write functional, elegant code and apply this knowledge into practice by coding four fully playable game snippets in C++. The amount of code you will write in this workshop will give you a sense of a professional programmerís work.

  • Hand-code some games: Use your knowledge of object-oriented programming and the C++ programming language to create finished video games, including artificial intelligence, physics and collision detection.
  • Examine computer science principles: Learn how concepts such as expressions, statements, functions, pointers, and structures allow programmers to create complex gameplay.
  • Improve your math and writing skills: Reinforce your knowledge of linear algebra and trigonometry, as well as your creative and technical writing abilities.
  • Topics covered: Advanced rigid body physics, tile maps and grid systems, path finding AI and side scrolling runner games.


Students must have completed Intro to 2D Video Game Programming (Level 1) to enroll in this workshop.


DigiPen (Singapore)
510 Dover Road, #03-01
SIT@SP Building
Singapore 139660



For more information or to register for this workshop, please email[at]digipen[dot]edu.