This workshop explores some of the basic concepts of writing code through the process of programming video games. In this workshop, you will create games using a game engine while learning about programming language and the game production process. Along the way, you will also explore math and science concepts at the core of modern video games, all of which will help in learning about potential pathways into video game development.

Overall, this workshop involves:

  • Sharpening the Mind: Apply math and physics into games. Topics covered include 2D coordinate systems, points and vectors, linear algebra, and basic Newtonian physics.

  • Diving Into Computer Science: Learn fundamentals of programming such as variables, operators, expressions, flow control statements, loops, and functions, as well as basic debugging techniques.

  • Creating Fully Playable Games: Learn about video game production. You can also download the game engine and use it at home for practice after the workshop.


  • Minimum 13 years of age
  • Basic knowledge of using Microsoft Windows operating systems

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